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Loyalty Rewards Program Terms

Last Updated: 5/6/2021

These Winky Lux Loyalty Rewards Program Terms (these “Program Terms”) are between you and Glow Concept, Inc. (“we,” “us,” or “our”). These Program Terms describe the terms and conditions that apply to your participation in the Winky Lux Loyalty Rewards Program (the “Program”) on our website at (“Winky Lux”) and are by this reference hereby incorporated into and subject to our Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”). Capitalized but undefined terms used in these Program Terms have the meanings given to them under the Terms of Service.


The Program is provided in our sole discretion, and we may change or terminate the Program at any time. Any Points or other rewards we choose to provide to you under the Program are discretionary, MAY EXPIRE, and are NOT CASH.

  1. 1. HOW TO JOIN

Program Overview. The Program is a rewards program where eligible Winky Lux customers (see below for full eligibility details) may earn rewards points (“Points”) in connection with certain activities that we may determine from time to time.

Signing Up. You will be automatically enrolled in the Program when you register for an account on Winky Lux. No purchase is necessary to join the Program. We or our affiliate may have other similar rewards programs. This Program is for Winky Lux only, and signing up for or participating in this Program will not give you any rights or benefit in any other program.

Eligibility. The Program is part of the Service, and all applicable terms (including eligibility rules) in the Terms of Service will apply to your participation of the Program. In addition, to participate in the Program, you agree that: (1) the Program is for individual customers’ personal use only (corporations and other entities or organizations are not eligible); (2) you hold only one Winky Lux account on your own behalf and you may only participate in the Program with that account; and (3) you have not registered for a different Winky Lux account in the past 6 months. If you are not eligible, you may not participate in the Program. If you become ineligible after you have joined the Program, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your participation (including any Points associated with your account).  

  1. 2. HOW TO EARN

Earning Activities. We want you in our community and have provided many ways for us to interact and for you to earn Points while doing so (each, an “Earning Activity”). Please go to the Winky Lux Rewards Program page (“Program Page”) for more information on how many Points you may be able to earn with each Earning Activity. We may also announce other Earning Activities (which may be limited-time) via social media or email, in which case, the terms in those announcements will apply to the applicable Earning Activity and are incorporated into these Program Terms by this reference. The availability of and Points assigned to each available Earning Activity may be updated in our sole discretion from time to time and will be effective upon publication on Winky Lux or other communication from us to you. If we credit Points to your account for achieving an Earning Activity, and a subsequent event (such as order cancellation) causes you to not meet the requirements of the Earning Activity, we reserve the right and discretion to deduct any Points credited corresponding to that Earning Activity. Please see below for some examples.

Register and Earn. When you create an account, we will credit 50 Points to your Points balance in that account. By creating an account, you represent to us that you have not registered a different account on Winky Lux (under either your own name or otherwise) in the past 6 months.

Spend and Earn. For every U.S. Dollar spent on the merchandise or gift card on Winky Lux, you will be credited either 1 Point, 1.25 Points, or 1.5 Points to your account, depending on which tier you are in (see Section 3 for more detail on tiers). Purchases paid for with gift cards, shipping charges, and taxes do not qualify. We may also have promotional events where we offer bonus Points for certain qualifying merchandise, orders, or certain customers from time to time. If your order is cancelled (by you or us) or you return a merchandise or gift card for refund, we may deduct the Points corresponding to such cancelled order or returned merchandise or gift card from the Points balance in your account.

Repeat and Earn. We may offer Points when you have made a certain number of purchases on Winky Lux. If we credit Points to your account after you have made the requisite number of purchases, and a subsequent order cancellation or return causes you to fall short of that number to qualify for the Points, we may deduct those Points from the Points balance in your account.

Earn with Reviews. You may be able to earn Points by posting a review on Winky Lux. If you do so, you are required to clearly and conspicuously disclose when you receive something of value (such as Points or merchandise) in exchange for posting the review. We may deduct any Points credited for a review that does not meet the foregoing requirement.


Tiers. You may earn more Points and make more of your Points by achieving different tiers under the Program. There are three tiers of membership: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Your membership tier depends on the amount you spend on the purchase of merchandise or gift cards on Winky Lux.

Silver ($0-$74): Upon your registration of a Winky Lux account, you will be automatically in the Silver tier. If you create an account during an order checkout, the amount from that order will go towards your account and you may be bumped up to a different tier if you meet the requisite amount (for example, if your first order is $100 and you create an account during checkout of that order, you will be in the Gold tier).

Gold ($75-$149): At any time during each year, when you’ve spent a total of an amount between $75 and $149 in that year, you will move up to the Gold tier.

Diamond ($150+): At any time during each year, when you’ve spent a total of an amount over $150 in that year, you will move up to the Diamond tier.

Subject to the terms and conditions of these Program Terms, once you move to the Gold or Diamond tier, without having to make additional purchases, you will be eligible to stay in that tier for up to 1 year.

Some examples:

If you spend $100 and reach the Gold tier on June 1, 2021, you will be eligible to stay in the Gold tier through May 31, 2022.

  • - Case 1: If you then spend another $20 on December 1, 2021, you will still be eligible to stay in the Gold tier through May 31, 2022.
  • - Case 2: Instead, if you then spend another $100 on December 1, 2021, you will move up to and be eligible to stay in the Diamond tier through November 30, 2022. And if you spend a total of $50 in 2022, you will move from the Diamond to the Silver tier on December 1, 2022 (i.e., when your Diamond status expires).

If you cancel or return all or part of an order and that cancellation or return reduces the amount you spent in a way that makes you qualify for a different tier, we reserve the right to change the tier you are in that reflects the actual amount you have spent.

Perks. To learn more about the various benefits (“Perks”) associated with each membership tier, please go to the Program Page. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we reserve the right to add, remove, or otherwise change any Perk or any other feature associated with any tier at any time, with or without prior notice to you. However, we will try to keep our Program Page accurate and up-to-date, so we encourage you to check it periodically.


Redeem for Product. You may redeem the Points you have in your Winky Lux account for certain Products (“Redeemed Products”). For a list of the Products you may redeem with your Points, please see the Program Page. Redeemed Products must be ordered and will only be shipped with other Products that are not Redeemed Products (in other words, you cannot only have Redeemed Products in an order). Unless otherwise agreed to by us, you will be responsible for any shipping charges associated with an order, including one that includes a Redeemed Product.

Redeem for Discount. You may redeem the Points you have in your Winky Lux account for a discount towards a subsequent qualifying purchase. For more information on how you may apply your Points to the balance of your next purchase, please see the Program Page.

We reserve the right not to accept any Points or otherwise limit the use of Points if we reasonably believe that the use (including how the Points were obtained) is fraudulent or otherwise unlawful.

Cancellation or Return. If you place an order using your Points (either for a Redeemed Product or by applying Points for discount on the order), and that order is cancelled or returned in accordance with our policies, we will re-credit the Points used in connection with the cancelled (part of the) order or returned merchandise back to the Points balance in your account.


Expiration. Unused Points balance in your Winky Lux account will expire after 12 months of inactivity, that is, if you haven’t earned or redeemed any Points in a year. Your Points balance will also expire upon the termination of your participation in the Program (e.g., if you are no longer eligible), termination of these Program Terms or the Terms of Service, or termination of your Winky Lux account.

Modification; Termination. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MODIFY THESE PROGRAM TERMS AT ANY TIME. Any modification will be effective upon the earlier of your acceptance of it or its publication. We may terminate your participation in the Program at any time if we determine that you are not eligible or if we believe that you are associated with any fraudulent or unauthorized activity, including the use of any Points.

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