Oh hi! We’re Natalie Mackey and Nate Newman, nice to meet you.

We’ve been friends for over a decade and in 2015 we thought there was room for a lot more FUN in the cosmetics industry. So we baked a cake and filled it with rainbows and smiles…. No JK, we did start a beauty brand though. We designed it to have a quicker and more transparent supply chain, higher quality/ high functioning products and prices that would make you feel rich. Extra guacamole level rich. 

Winky Lux was born with the idea that since every beauty product is technically a little gift, from you to you, it should always look and feel as special as the person receiving it (who is also you). We hope you’ll have as much fun treating yourself with these as we do making them! As always, thank you to the moon and back for your awesome support.