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Eye Cream Applicator

$12.00 USD

available for orders over $35

An eye cream applicator featuring a naturally cool ceramic bead.



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What It Is

Say bye, bye, bye to under eye puffiness, bags and dark circles. Eye Cream Applicator features a naturally cool ceramic bead that boosts circulation and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A refreshing cooling sensation relieves swollen skin and awakens tired-looking under eyes. The applicator gently massages eye cream to the delicate under eye area, adding a spa-like moment to your daily routine.

Why It's Special
  • Use eye cream applicator to help relieve the look of fatigued eyes
  • Promotes blood circulation and may reduce the appearance of under eye puffiness, bags and dark circles
  • Natural ceramic bead provides cooling sensation to soothe swollen skin
How To Use It

1. Dab Wakey Wakey Eye Cream under eyes and delicately massage into skin with the applicator for increased depuffing, smoothing, and cooling sensation.
2. Use alone throughout the day to help revitalize tired eye area.

Pro tip: Keep applicator in refrigerator between use for extra refreshment


Made in China 75 mm H x 15.5 mm W x 15.5 mm D

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Q: Where do I store my eye applicator? 
A: In a cool, dry place or in refrigerator for extra cooling. 
Q: How do I clean the applicator? 
A: Between use, rinse your applicator with warm water. Gently pat dry with a towel. 
Q: Will the eye cream applicator rust? 
A: No, it will not rust.

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